A Lousy Tale (2004) - Page 5

"Gee Bro, sure's a long time since we had a really good visit. Wish I had arrived in time to help you work on the fishing gear. Maybe WE should go fishing.
Ya know Cormie I'm not just ok, I'm really good at dropping a hook BLAAB so much fish that the canoe sank and i walked ashore on the backs of all the fish i had caught learned blaah blaah blab be a master fisherman as a young chick from the great chieftans they paid me to stop fishing one year because they weren't catching any blab bllah blaa baa haa blub blab doing all the baiting and setting and hauling and cleaning when i work everyone else can just relax born to fish born to work always work for free blah de blaa bla at most everything did i tell you i invented the fish hook? learned a few good old tricks by watching and doing and working hard. most guys i fish with sure appreciate how easy i can make it for them. Yaa Cormie I've hooked a few!
I caught so MANY fish once that the canoe sank and i had..."