The Jealous Canoe (1998) - Page 1

A mighty cedar forest once covered the shores of Massett Inlet. Auuxaada, "People of the Inlet," supplied coastal nations with finished canoes.
"So, you want to hear about the Jealous Canoe."

You can still see some in Edward Curtis's film In the Land of the War Canoes. One of the largest cedars ever carved became quite famous.
"It was over 70 feet long with a prow standing higher than I do, and I'm not a tiny woman."

"This is a big canoe Mr. Big Shot! You can afford to pay a little more for my crew to haul it out to the beach."
"If the canoe is too large for all you folks to move, I'll just leave it here in the forest and call it the Jealous Canoe."
"The Jealous Canoe lay on the west side of Massett Inlet covered with planks and raised on rollers, waiting for a crew strong enough to move it out to the water."
"It never made it."

The Jealous Canoe vanished into a managed forest stand and its spirit was cast out over a sea of second growth.